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SteveAlmightys Banging ClubbedUP mix 2008
The Manager will Deal with your queries regarding Improving the Service or if you'd like to be a DJ on Xr Please fill out the form for
Should you have a Complaint then please also inform the Manager.

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XperienceRadio are always on the look-out for voluntary DJ's to do regular slots, as we grow bigger we need more Dj's to fill the times so that we become a 24/7 Online radio. If you can commit yourself to a regular slot or even a few slots then please don't hesitate to contact us.
We are not expecting you to be the best DJ. We're after people who can have fun on the radio, presenting over the microphone, chatting, telling jokes, generally having fun with listeners. XperienceRadio is mainly aimed at a Club Dance and Trance audience though we do have a Easy Listening till 6pm Sundays, So maybe this genre would be preferred by you.

Should you be interested in becoming a regular DJ on XperienceRadio.co.uk please fill out the form below and a Manager will contact you soon.
Please Note: All DJ's wishing to apply for evenings (After 5pm) Must use the Microphone due to the Live Shouts. Dj's MUST also be Over 18, we cannot accept any under 18's.

Your Name :

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Age :


What you'll use to connect to our servers. ie: winamp

Genre and Slot times:

Please give a description in your own words of yourself

When I click I Agree, I attach my electronic signature to this page and agree to the Terms and Conditions for XperienceRadio.co.uk
I understand that if I do not agree to these terms of use, I must Close this page, Discontinuing my Application to become a presenter for Xr

XperienceRadio reserves the right to refuse any applications

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