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Andy Newby Sheffield United Kingdom

Age: 24 - Active: 9 months ago - Sorry, I don't do Live Shout Outs

Hey there!! I'm Andy and I've been DJing for a good few years now I should be a lot better at this whole mixing thing by now, obviously I'm a ridiculously slow learner but I'm getting there I think lol I finally have my dream DJ setup; 2 Denon DN-S3700's with a Behringer DDM 4000 mixer. I purposefully stayed away from Pioneers cause EVERYBODY seems to think the sun shines from 'em. My Denon's look and feel better!!! "Industry standard" whatever!!! lol. Anyway, that's my lilttle rant over.And now that I can try it I'd like to learn to stratch, so any tip and tricks would be greatfully recieved. My musical taste has broadened so much since I started mixing. When I first started I only wanted to mix Hed Kandi (back when Hed Kandi sounded good, It's gone commercial big time in recent years) though I do love funky house. I'm getting into harder dance now and absolutely love vocal trance and hope to get into mixing lots of other genres like drum n bass but I've gotta say I hate fidget electro and niche but love old school garage. "Do you really like it? Is it is it wicked? We're lovin' it lovin' it lovin' it we're lovin' it like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol Anyway any tips & pointers on how I can improve from anybody long term DJs especially would be fantastic Cheers. Peace out.

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