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SteveAlmighty Hull United Kingdom

Age: 48 - Active: last Thursday - I give Live Shouts while broadcasting

I was a DJ in the late 1980s with my own Mobile setup and also did a few Clubs until 1991 but I have always been a fan of 70s and 80s music along with feel good club and dance...
Since internet radio came to the scene I have played apart by doing shows when I can and love to entertain with live shouts to listeners bopping away to the music.
I Now use pioneer DDJ Ergo to mix with so I hope you enjoy the blend.

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Posted by SteveAlmighty last month:
How's we all doing today peoples ?
Reply by WickedWitch last month:
doin good the almighty just listening to gazb in the garden xxxxx
Reply by kristybaby last month:
nice here steve when you on next darling ? really looking forward to listening xxxx
Reply by WickedWitch last month:
yes when you going to be on again ?
Reply by Snowqueen last month:
i wanna no to xx im meltin lolo
Reply by WickedWitch last month:
i wet my niks at snowqueen melting lol
Reply by Snowqueen last month:
that just wicked you witch
Posted by DjStargazer last month:
Eyup dude... Hows things, really loving this, better than having a chatroom
Reply by SteveAlmighty last month:
Eyup m8, not bad thanks how goes it with you ? All good I hope